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Our cheese isn’t strong,
but it is packed with flavour

We make exclusive cheeses from organic milk produced by the farms of Södermanland in Sweden. Our cheeses are made using traditional artisanal methods, which we then sell in our own store and online shop. You can also learn the craft of cheese making from scratch.

Welcome to Jürss Mejeri.

Welcome to our store.

Buy cheese 24/7 in our online shop.

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Granbarksost, Sörmlands Ädel, Linnéa – get to know all our cheeses

We make cheeses for every occasion. The exclusive dinner, the big party or for breakfast.

We’ve worked with cheese for over 25 years.

All made by hand. Welcome!

Jürss Mejeri has been certified organic since 2009.

Learn the art of artisan cheese making

Swedish cheese has never been as good as it is today. More and more small-scale dairies are seeing the light of day. Many new dairymen and women have learned the basics with us.

A two-day basic course, or five days’ comprehensive training? Learn the craft with us.